ASEAN Engineering Journal
e-ISSN 2586-9159
About the Journal

  ASEAN Engineering Journal (AEJ) is an official publication of the JICA Project for AUN/SEED-Net as a fruit of collaboration with the main support from the Government of Japan through Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Member Governments from 10 ASEAN countries and 26 Member Institutions (MIs) selected from leading institutions in engineering field with support from 14 leading Japanese Universities.

  Over the years, AEJ developed a strong international academic network from extensive human resources established by network of professionals and continuous collaborations via the journal.

   AEJ publishes full academic papers covering 10 different engineering fields. A double-blind peer review system is adopted to ensure the transparency and integrity of the review process.

   The journal is open access and does not charge any fee for publication

Focus and Scope

  AEJ intended to be an international platform for scholars, researchers, and students from ASEAN countries to publish innovative knowledge addressing regional common issues from academic research outcomes and to improve research capacity through review process.

10 Engineering Fields

Publication Schedule

Issue 1 – publishes between January - March

Issue 2 - publishes between April – June

Issue 3 - publishes between July – September

Issue 4 - publishes between October – December


  First launch in 2011, AEJ was initially divided into 3 parts with its own ISSN. Two issues of each division were published yearly in June and December with both online and printed versions werereleased

Disclaimer: Open Access Policy

  AEJ aims to maximize the dissemination of innovative knowledge and distribution of research publications to contribute to the scientific community and the public benefits. Hence, the journal supports unrestricted access to its publications and provides free online access to all students, scholars, researchers and educators. The full articles are allowed to be downloaded and use without charges for personal use, academic purposes and public non-commercial purposes.

  Re-use of an article for commercial purposes in part or in full including figures, illustrations, charts, photographs, text excerpts or any copyrighted materials must be obtained in prior written agreement from AUN/SEED-Net. A disclaimer of sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement by AUN/SEED-Net must be included in the publication and related printed materials.